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Free Management Software ATS-04

ATS-04 is a free, powerful and user friendly management software provided with intelligent ATS. The Administrator can remotely manage the ATS via web browsers. It provides power input switching, ATS monitoring, alarm and reporting functions. The Windows based software consolidates management of max. 50 ATSs. Up to 5 concurrent user access is bundled in order to achieve the demand of multi-user requirements in data center operations.

Web-based GUI

A web-based GUI is integrated with our intelligent ATS. It is ideal for some users who simply require the power monitoring and input switching over IP.

3rd Party DCIM via SNMP

Nowadays, many data centers apply the DCIM ( Data Center Infrastructure Management ) in order to centralize the management for monitoring power, cooling and environmental factors across facilities and IT systems. InfraPower® intelligent ATS supports SNMP integration and hence user can remotely manage the ATS via their DCIM.

Functions & Features ATS-04 GUI SNMP
No. of ATS support 50 1
Remote Management by 3rd Party DCIM
Concurrent users 5 1
Input switching over IP
Power source switching notification
Input sources detection
Energy consumption ( kWh ) monitoring
Apparent power ( kVA ) monitoring
Power factor measurement
Voltage ( Volt ) monitoring
Aggregate current ( Amp ) monitoring
Circuit breaker monitoring
Alarm alert
Reporting & logs